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Union Internationale de Futnet (UNIF)

UNIF is the world-governing body of futnet, founded in 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland, by 15 countries from four continents. Its headquarters are located in Prague, Czech Republic. 

UNIF has 18 Full Members and 2 Associate Members representing the five continents. 

UNIF's European branch is European Futnet Association with whom UNIF collaborates closely in all issues concerning futnet development and events in Europe.


Mission Statement

As the futnet world-governing body, UNIF aims to

  1. promote futnet worldwide and encourage the practice of men’s and women’s futnet in all its forms and all age groups;
  2. ensure that futnet is practised following the principle of non-discrimination based on sex, race, religion, politics, sexual orientation and any other reason and with a view to mutual respect and fair play;
  3. prepare and organise international futnet competitions;
  4. provide advice and assistance to its members through training and educational programmes for players, coaches and referees.



UNIF Executive Board

Current Executive Board (2012-2016) is composed of the following members:
Mr Kamil Kleník (Czech Republic) - UNIF President 
Mr Vincent Kolly (Switzerland) - UNIF Vice-President
Mr Abdelkrim Abour (France) - UNIF Treasurer
Mr Pavel Masek (Denmark) - Member 
Mr Shin Jung Huen (South Korea) - Member
UNIF Secretariat is headed by General Secretary Ms Zuzana Viňanská (Slovakia).


UNIF Members

Members of UNIF are national futnet associations and entities promoting futnet from all over the world who have been admitted after meeting the membership criteria and who followUNIF Statutes and Regulations. The list of UNIF members is available in the sidebar on the right, click on the flag to see the website of the corresponding national association.

To Become UNIF member

A national association wishing to become a member of UNIF shall submit an application for membership to UNIF General Secretary, accompanied with its Statutes, names of office bearers and, if applicable, a copy of its registration at the corresponding national authority.

Entities wishing to become associate members of UNIF shall submit an application for membership and they may be admitted upon such terms and conditions as the Executive Board may from time to time determine.

European countries applying for UNIF membership must be members of European Futnet Association (EFTA). 

The detailed information on UNIF membership - types of memberships, conditions of entry, rights and obligations of members - is available in UNIF Statutes, Articles 4-7. 

To be admitted as members, national associations as well as entities promoting futnet shall sign UNIF Ethical Charter and pay the corresponding membership fee. Full and Provisional Membership cost 400 EUR, Associate Membership costs 250 EUR.